Monday, February 23, 2009


I still don't have a camera, but here's what we've been up to. Isaac started crawling 2 days ago, hooray! Gracie just got a cold. Haley is obsessed with spinach (she checks to see how big her muscles are growing). Gracie made out with a boy at church in the hall last week (just as I came around the corner to get her, I noticed a little boy had his arms wrapped around her, and they kissed on the lips about 4 times before anyone could stop them. lol) I guess those are the highlights. Hopefully we get our camera soon so I can post new pics!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I have been tagged and since my camera is broken and I don't have anything else to blog about, here goes...

Five Names You Go By:
1. Alisha
2. Valley
3. Lish
4. Lish
5. Lish
Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. White socks
2. Grey BYU sweatshirt
3. Blue PJ pants (and yes, it's 2:30 in the afternoon)
Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. Lunch
2. My house to magically be clean
Two People Who Will Probably Fill This Out:
1. Cassie
2. Ashley
Two Things You Did Last Night:
1. Went to Ryan's cousin Sam's house to watch the Super Bowl
2. Ate way too much yummy food!!
Two Things You Ate Today:
1. Vanilla Yogurt (although orange cream and thick and creamy strawberry are my favs)
2. Whole wheat toast with honey (no butter-I'm doing pretty good at this healthy eating!)
Two People You Last Talked To On The Phone:
1. Cansas, Gavin's here playing and she needs to run some errands
2. Ryan, He'll be home within an hour and he's going to play cards tonight so I can watch the Bachelor and The City by myself without getting harrassed!
Two Things You Are Going To Do Tomorrow:
1. Go get blood drawn at the doctors
2. Start excercising (LOL)
Two Of Your Favorite Beverages:
1. Water, I just can't get enough!
2. Dr. Pepper (although I have quit drinking it for health reasons)
Two People I am tagging:
1. Cassie
2. Ashley