Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Haley's 5th birthday....

Haley just turned 5 last week. I can't believe I have a 5 year old! She ended up having a 4 day birthday this year. Thursday they celebrated it at school and on Friday we went to the Fun Park with all of the neighbor boys. She has several close friends and they all happen to be boys! No wonder she is such a tomboy these days. On Saturday (her actual birthday) she had a pajama party (although they didn't sleep over) with all of her girl friends from church and school. They made beaded bracelets, made their own little pizzas, had a pinata, and watched a movie, which nobody watched of course since there were too many presents to play with. She got so many barbies! She's not used to girly presents since she always wants cars, spiderman things, a skate board, and many other boy toys. Sunday evening we went to my dad's and had dinner, opened presents and had cupcakes and icecream. Haley is the sweetest little thing. She is so loving and such a great helper. She is soooo smart and always happy. I am so blessed and thankful to have her. I love you Haley!!

Haley hitting the pinata

Haley and her cute friend Liza

All the party girls


More barbies!!

Gracie hitting the pinata

My sister Ashley who helped me with the whole party! Thanks Ash!!

Haley and Annie (Liza's sister)

All the girls eating their yummy pizza they made!

Showing off their cute bracelets

Gavin, Samantha, Hunter, Haley & Benjamin (Carter was there but wouldn't take a pic!)

More barbies!

Haley loves activities, so she was so excited about her giant coloring and paint book

Haley after celebrating her birthday at school

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grandma Grace Sept. 21, 1922-Oct. 16, 2008

My grandma Grace wasn't doing well for the past four or five years. She had alzheimers and battled pnemonia quite a few times. We recieved many phone calls from doctors and nurses saying she probably wasn't going to make it, but she always pulled through.

My sisters and I were enjoying a girls night out on Thurs. when we recieved a call from my mom saying we should stop by the rest-home to see my grandma because she really wasn't doing well this time. We stopped by to see her around 8 p.m. and about 8:15 she passed away right before us. Although it is sad to see her go, we were so happy for her. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I've ever witnessed or felt in my entire life. She will be greatly missed and always treasured. She was the most loving, strong woman I've ever met. I have so many memories to remember her by.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Isaac just turned 5 months old on the 10th. He is growing so fast. I need to post more pics of him so I can look back and watch how he's grown since it happens so quick. Right now his favorite things are: his walker, blowing bubbles, being tickled, squealing REALLY loud (he does it to get my attention, it's so funny because it's SO loud. It's not so cute when he does it every night at like 3:00 in the morning though!) and his mommy (I am his favorite, of course!!).

Don't you love how both the blankets in the pics are his sisters? Poor little guy. He's going to grow up with a complex now.....

Monday, October 13, 2008


The tagging is getting out of control! Okay, I know I tagged a few of you at one time or another, but that was only because I was tagged! But I have to say, I do love reading everyone elses tags. I feel mine are boring but here goes....

8 Things.....

My 8 favorite TV shows...24 (although they didn't run last seasons), Project runway, America's next top model, Iron chef america, Top chef, Food detectives, The bachelor (I can't wait for this season because my sister-in-laws best friend is going to be on it. She flew out today!) Glen Beck

My 8 favorite restraunts...Callaways, Cafe Sabor, Macaroni Grill, Costa Vida, Chili's, Outback, Chili's (sometimes), and Papa Johns. There are others ones I love just as much, but I never go because they don't have them where I live!

8 Things I am looking forward to... when Isaac decides to sleep through the night, Disneyland, Twilight, seeing my in-laws, Christmas, Thanksgiving, paying off Ryan's student loans and selling all of our puppies

8 things that happened yesterday....I went to church, made some invitations for a Halloween party, ate yummy Costa Vida leftovers, fed the puppies, put my kids to bed early, watched Ryan go to bed at 8:30 for the second time this week, took some vitamin C because I felt like I was getting sick, nursed Isaac 4 times through the night (I've come to the conclusion that he has his night and day feedings mixed up. He sleeps good, just wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat. I'm going to flip-flop it over the next couple of days, wish me luck!!)

Now I have to tag 8 people......Cansas, Aprile, Sheena, Lyndsey, Keri, Christy, Andrea & Carlie
(Sorry for those who hate're pretty much the 8 people that haven't been tagged on this one!)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Be careful what you wish for......

Okay. Seriously. What is Ryan thinking? Every year at this time Ryan grows a big bushy beard for the hunt. He deer hunts, duck hunts, goose hunts, pheasant hunts, you name it he does it. I have arranged for us to get family pictures on Wednesday so I was excited to tell Ryan that his beard had to go. The next day Ryan walked in the door with the SICKEST mustache. It even has the handlebars! Everywhere we go together I'm sure people are wondering how much older he is than me. What do you think, father of our kids, father of me or young grandpa? He has done this about twice a year since we've been married.
before the mustache
(and cowboy shirt and chest hair...all he's missing is the hat!)
Is this Isaac in 30 years?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

sweet potato, sweet potato....

Ryan's parents came to visit last weekend. They have been living in London so Ryan's mom brought the girls some gifts. They also brought us some food. They brought squash, bread, chicken, fresh fruit and a sweet potato. Gracie immediatly formed a very close bond with the sweet potato. She was talking to it, hugging and kissing it, putting it in her purse and walking around with it everywhere. The next day she kept getting it out of the fridge so she could give it more hugs and kisses. She cracks me up. If only I could get into her little head sometimes!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Decorating pumpkins!

Haley has been asking if we could decorate pumpkins for a couple of weeks now. We ordered her costume online and she has been so excited for Halloween ever since. So today we went and picked out pumpkins with my 2 neighbors Kansas and Sheena and their 2 boys Gavin and Carter. Haley wanted shapes and Gracie wanted a witch. I think they turned out pretty cute.