Wednesday, June 10, 2009

busy boys....

It's true. Boys are so much busier than girls! I have to admit, I have been blessed with sweet girls that are pretty easy to please and for the record, Haley has NEVER had a real temper tantrum and she is almost six! Gracie has had a few, but they are very short and she hasn't had one in public...yet. Isaac is such a good baby. He is very happy and ALWAYS exploring everything that's forbidden. He loves the toilet, unrolling the toilet paper, helping me with the dishes, outlets and pulling everything out of my pantry (just to name a few). When he's not busy getting into everything he loves to snuggle and give me wet kisses. He is such an affectionate and social little guy. Here's some photos I have taken of him getting into trouble...

He's not drinking it, but it kind of looks that way!

He plugged the night light in the outlet himself. (I walked out of the room for like 1 minute and when I came back in the fan was knocked over and he had the night light plugged in!)

He's always exploring other babies faces
I love this picture!
I don't know how many rolls of toilet paper he's done that to. Atleast 7 or 8 (including once at my dad's). I have made it a rule that all the doors and toilet seats are left closed!